Adirondack Center for Writing

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Welcome to the submissions page! This is where you send your work to us, so we can read it, talk it over, and offer you a place at this year's Anne LaBastille Writer's Residency. Please consider the following questions before choosing your category:
  • How does ACW define living in the Adirondacks? We consider the lines of the Adirondack park to be blurred. Anyone living in the North Country region of New York state should apply under the "Adirondack Region" application. 
  • I'm not from the Adirondack Region. Can I still apply? Absolutely. We have spaces for writers who live both in the Adirondack Region and all over the country.
  • Do I choose the Adirondack Region or Out of Town option in my category? Are you a resident of the Adirondack Region? If you live at least part time in the Adirondack Region, please fill out the "Adirondack Region" version of your application. If you don't live in the Adirondack Region, please choose the "Out of Town" version. 
  • My name is somewhere in my submission. Isn't that okay? No. Please remove your name from the title, header and footer, or anywhere else it shows up. We try to have an entirely unbiased selection process. If you leave your name on your submission, we will not consider it.
  • Can I submit to more than one category? You can submit in multiple categories, but only one submission per category. 
  • How many pages should I include in my portfolio? If you are submitting in the poetry category, we accept submissions of 10 poems, not to exceed 10 pages. In all other categories, we accept up to 10 pages of written work. We recommend submitting at least 5 pages to allow the judges to properly engage your work.