The mission of the Adirondack Center for Writing (ACW) is to inspire the love of writing, reading, and storytelling. We are a 501(c)3  nonprofit organization based in the 6-million-acre Adirondack Park in  New York State. Learn more at

Open only to poets with ties to the North Country region. 

Since 2016, ACW has invited writers of all ages, experience levels, and locations within the North Country to send poems to be published and installed in windows in Saranac Lake during National Poetry Month. In 2024, a second copy of each poem we publish will appear in shop windows across St. Lawrence County, thanks to a collaboration with SLC Arts. 

Poem Village is an annual, village-wide beautification project that gives writers of all ages and experience levels the chance to publish their work and reach audiences of passersby, visitors, and North Country locals.

 Review these guidelines before submitting to PoemVillage
 1. Submissions will be open from January 29 - March 18
 2. Each person may submit 1 poem. You will copy/paste your poem into the form below.
 3. Poems must be under 300 words or 25 lines, whichever comes first. Poems that are too long will not be included, so please use the "word count" tool on your word processing software to check the length of your poem.
 4. Please ensure that you have rights to offer this poem for publication. This poem must be your own work.
 5. PoemVillage and the poems displayed are open only to poets with ties to the North Country. If you do not have ties to the region, please refrain from sending us poems.
 6. Our plan is to publish all poems that meet these guidelines. We do reserve the right to not publish any poem that we feel does not reflect our community standards. This does not mean poems must be positive, but they cannot be hateful, gratuitously violent, or threatening.

 Questions? Contact Tyler Barton at the Adirondack Center for Writing at

Adirondack Center for Writing